Thursday, March 19, 2009

My daughter must have blonde roots!

First...apologies in advance to my blonde friends!

Anyway...I got a load of Target merchandise in at my store this week. In the load was a bunch of flannel Christmas pajamas. daughter called me the next day and asked, "What price did you put on those pajamas?"

"Three bucks," I replied.

DD: "Well, that's a good price, so they should sell; but, I dunno...with it getting to be warmer weather, you might have them a while."

Me: "Well, some folks might buy them to put back as Christmas gifts, but if they don't sell, I can put them on Ebay and sell them to people in places like Australia."

DD: "Why Australia?"

Me: "Cuz it's fixin' to be their winter. The seasons are different on their side of the equator."

DD: "Really? Then, they haven't had their Christmas yet!"

Me: "Um...honey...December 25 is December 25, although it comes a day earlier for them than us."

I coulda SWORN that her hair was DARK when she was born!!! LOL!

BTW, I do know that she was thinking about the fact that these are pajamas with Christmas print fabric! Still ain't gonna stop me from teasing her, though! Turn about is fair play!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Springtime in Dixie

The grass is greening.

My redbud tree is blooming.

My Bradford pear tree is in full bloom.

The crocuses are running amok!

And, my purple irises are fixin' to bloom, too!

YEAH!!! Spring is finally here!

I'm so happy!!!