Thursday, November 18, 2010

Posting Under the Influence...

...of my first cold of the season!  UGH!

I guess the winter season has arrive early for me!  I'm sitting here with a bad cold that started yesterday with a nose running like an open faucet and sneezing my head off.  I took Loratadine yesterday and last night, so I managed to get the "faucet" turned off a little, but still feel pretty lousy.  I wish I could go back to bed, but my arthritis was hurting so much this morning that I just couldn't stay in bed any longer.

So...since I don't feel like doing much of anything, I decided that I might as well share some more of my vinyl crafts with you!

This is a floating frame that I made to donate to an auction at my grandchildren's school for their Fall Festival.

This tile is sooo ME!  I scraplifted this quote some time ago, thinking that I would turn it into an embroidery design for a sweatshirt, but when my hubby brought home a few tiles, I decided to use the design to decorate it!

I didn't want to hang the tile on a wall, so I used the easel back from an old picture and glued it to the back of the tile with some Liquid Nails, since I was out of E6000 glue.  It's not centered because I used a tape measure that had a messed up end. so I was measuring from 1" across to 13" instead of across to 12".  I was tired and not thinking straight, so when I marked the center point, I messed up and figured half of 13" instead of half of 12" and counted backwards 6-1/2" from 13"!  I must have really been tired because I never noticed how off-center it was!  Oh, still works! LOL!

View from the side.

This is a name frame I made as a wedding gift for my hubby's great-nephew and his wife.  I got the frame at Walmart for $3.  I had intended to make it into a floating frame, but since the picture opening is hinged onto a permanent backing, I was afraid I'd mess it up if I took it off.  So...I had some 8-1/2" x 14" cardstock that I used to make the background.

First, I sprayed the cardstock with spray-on Kilz primer so that the cardstock wouldn't soak up my metallic copper spray paint (I chose the copper to coordinate with the copper color in the frame.  The next step can be skipped, but I think it gives the metallic copper a richer look.  After the primer dried, I spray painted the cardstock with satin black paint.  After that dried, I then sprayed on the metallic copper.  After it dried, I laid the glass from the frame on top of the cardstock and cut around it with my rotary cutter.

I used my Cricut to cut out their last name in black vinyl and applied to the cardstock.  I then used my Cricut to cut out their first names in a beige vinyl.  I flipped the design so that it would cut backwards.  I applied the backward-cut first names to the BACK of the glass, so that when the glass was in the frame, the names would be right-side out.  By doing the first names this way, the front of the glass will be easier to clean.

Since I already had everything but the frame, this wedding gift cost me a total of $3!  Not bad!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my projects!  I have another one in the works that I've been procrastinating on finishing because it involves layering two different colors, which I've never done before.  I'm a little nervous about how it will turn out, but I guess if it doesn't turn out well, I can always scrape off the vinyl and give it another whirl!
Have a GREAT weekend!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time goes fast!

WOW!  It's been TWO weeks since I posted!   Well, so much for my plans to post something incredibly funny, insightful and beautiful every couple of days!
At least I'm posting in time to join Smiling Sally for Blue Monday this week!

Part of the reason I haven't been posting is because I was working on some custom sweatshirts.  I can't post the entire sweatshirt designs right now, because they're for a special ballgame and my friends/customers want to be sure they are the ONLY ones at the game with shirts like these.  Two of the hisrts have the same design on the back, but this one is a bit different.  This mom wanted her son's number on the back of her sweatshirt, so I used my Cricut to cut the numbers our of BLUE FABRIC , and then I appliqued them to the back of the shirt.  Didn't the ladies choose a pretty blue fabric?

There was also quite a bit of machine embroidery involved in this project, but I'll have to wait until after the game to share it all with you!

Maybe, I'll be able to post more often, provided that I can come up with some good stuff to post!  The wheels in my head will be trying to churn up some new posts while I hope that you all have a great week!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Found Something BLUE!

 Good morning!

Today is Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's, and the good news is that I finally found something BLUE!

About the only blue thing in my house that I haven't already posted about is the wallpaper in my bathroom...and, while I still love the color and pattern, the paper is so crappy old, that it needs replacing.  I'll save posting a picture of that as a last resort!

A friend of our daughter gave her a large bag just full of the little packages of M&M Mnis, so our daughter brought them over to the house for our one and only trick or treater.  We live in the country, so the only trick or treater we had was our youngest grandson Buzz Lightyear.

We fixed Buzz up a bag with several packages of the candy, plus a few suckers and a couple of small toys, and he was happy as could be!

That was the good news!

Now, for the BAD NEWS:

MeMe, who had been deprived of chocolate for a couple of weeks, fell upon the rest of the M&Ms like a starving wolf ate a few packs of them.  Here is the evidence...rather, the evidence WAS in those pretty, bright BLUE packages!

Sigh!  I guess this means no more chocolate  for MeMe for quite a while!

Have a Happy Blue Monday and a GREAT week!