Monday, November 1, 2010

I Found Something BLUE!

 Good morning!

Today is Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's, and the good news is that I finally found something BLUE!

About the only blue thing in my house that I haven't already posted about is the wallpaper in my bathroom...and, while I still love the color and pattern, the paper is so crappy old, that it needs replacing.  I'll save posting a picture of that as a last resort!

A friend of our daughter gave her a large bag just full of the little packages of M&M Mnis, so our daughter brought them over to the house for our one and only trick or treater.  We live in the country, so the only trick or treater we had was our youngest grandson Buzz Lightyear.

We fixed Buzz up a bag with several packages of the candy, plus a few suckers and a couple of small toys, and he was happy as could be!

That was the good news!

Now, for the BAD NEWS:

MeMe, who had been deprived of chocolate for a couple of weeks, fell upon the rest of the M&Ms like a starving wolf ate a few packs of them.  Here is the evidence...rather, the evidence WAS in those pretty, bright BLUE packages!

Sigh!  I guess this means no more chocolate  for MeMe for quite a while!

Have a Happy Blue Monday and a GREAT week!


SmilingSally said...

What a pretty blue for something so yummy.

Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday, Peggy.

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Mine is chocolate also but its almond joy.

Visit J&J Trick or Treat for Blue Monday

Jingle said...

beautiful blue candy wrappers.
cute take.

here is mine:

Terie said...

I LOVE M&Ms in any color package...these are pretty though. I had no Trick or Treaters this year but we sure did have a great time going out and about with the kids.

LV said...

One of the sweetest and tasty blue feature I have seen today.

Nanna said...

aww now I want M&M's lol

CindyLou said...

Now I want some M & M's!! A beautiful Blue to show off!