Saturday, February 28, 2009

Should I post this on RMS? Opinions, please!

Isn't this a beautiful view? It's a lake about 10 miles from our house.

This is the same lake, but a little further along. Wouldn't you just love to live at a place with such a gorgeous view?
I've been thinking about posting this place on all the gals how REAL MEN decorate!
Yep, this lovely view is at MY HUSBAND'S DEER CAMP!!!
One side of the porch. Note the LOVELY green plastic lawn chair and the stunning blue garbage can. The blue thing behind the chair is for holding kegs of beer and ice! The red coolers are for those who prefer to drink their beer from a can!

The other side of the porch. The door opens directly into the kitchen. Note the convenient TV up in the corner, so the guys can both admire the lake view and watch the boob tube at the same time! An extra microwave on the porch is an added convenience. The sheet of pressboard on the left is intended for some additional improvements!
A view of the driveway and the "guest houses" from the porch. The "guest house" on the left is called the bunk house, and is filled with beds for the camp members, who are not allowed to sleep in the main house. The "guest house" just to the left of the truck is my husband's private sleeping quarters. You really gotta suck up if you want to sleep in the spare bedroom there!
This is the view of the kitchen as you walk in from the back door. Note the clever creation of a pantry by stacking one base cabinet unit on top of another cabinet unit and topping it off with an over-the-refrigerator cabinet!
Also note the stunning Harvest Gold refrigerator that brings out the beauty of the different woods in the cabinetry. For that "pop" of red color, the fire extinguisher on the floor is just perfect! The fire extinguisher is also very practical...since the previous lodge house burned to the ground because hubby's friend Johnny left a pan of grease on the stove to go outside and check out a fresh deer kill!
On the other side of the kitch is the sink area. The white cabinet really brightens up the space, don't you think? The flourescent lighting is hung in an interesting pattern designed to provide ample lighting for each work area. The guys have all the comforts of home, including a dishwasher, which also served as a dirty underwear washer until one of my hubby's buddies opened it to discover that fact. That same buddy hustled around and found a regular washer and dryer so hubby wouldn't wash his whitey-tighties in the dishwasher any more.
The lodge house has an open floorplan, with the kitchen opening onto the dining area and the common living area.
The walls are covered with stunning camouflage paneling, which is designed to complement any color scheme. There are a variety of textures and patterns in the room...plaid sofas, southwestern print chairs and ottomans, black leather/ name it, it's in there!
The entertainment center is mounted in the corner on the left for easy viewing from anywhere in the house. The beer bottle light between the TV and the window provides ambience.

Since Johnny burned the previous lodgehouse down, the members are ever mindful of the need for quick action. The fire extinguisher mounted on the post is very convenient for anyone in the common living area to just grab as necessary. The "pop" of red is...umm...indicative of the guys' pride in being SOUTHERN REDNECKS. Note the innovative storage system for the extra fold-up table....just fold that sucker up and put it upside-down on the floor under the other table!

For convenience, the bar area has an extra refrigerator so that there is always a nice cold drink handy! The bar is adjacent to the kitchen and also serves as a handy buffet serving area. The pot rack over the bar provides out-of-the way storage for pots and pans. The deer on the wall just keeps an eye on everything!

So, whaddya think? Should I post these pics over on Rate My Space? Do you think that Mary Rogers (is she still over there, spreading goodwill?) would like this? If I post these pics on RMS, do you think I should show the guys what folks have to say about their decorating?
BTW, we have FINALLY got SNOW! TWO DAYS after I noticed that the daffodils (we call 'em "buttercups") and the wild pears were blooming! TWO WHOLE INCHES!


CindyLou said...

Camouflage paneling? I had no idea they made that! DO NOT tell my son and my husband! This was a hilarious post! I can relate! You should see what my guys put in our cabin on our farm.
Please put this on Rate My Space - HGTV may take pity on ya'll and redo it at their expense! Good Luck!

lesthook said...

Every southern, make that every hunters dream,LOL!I can't let my son in law see that!

Anonymous said...

this was too funny...i sent it to my grandma because everyone up there in missouri deer hunts and the men built their own little "deer camp"... :0) thanks for sharing!

Smilingsal said...

I don't know about posting, but your husband need not fear that he'll be swamped by ladies needing his decorating tips!

CindyLou said...

Peggy, I just saw a TV commercial for a DIY channel - "Man Caves". Maybe if you submit your pictures, they will take pity on you and redo it!
Have a great day! Hope your eye is doing better!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are well, you haven't posted in a while, Just busy I suppose!! Hugs~

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

OMG! There is so much that's inherently wrong here that I wouldn't know where to begin. Maybe with the underwear in the dishwasher? ROFLMAO!!! OMG, this was just TOO much!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

nikkicrumpet said...

HEHEHE I would love to read the comments! And I'm gonna be laughing all night at that "Pantry"...they are definitely getting my vote for creativity! And thanks for the comment you left...the story was hilarious!