Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Mama is 92!

Here's what we did tonight. We met my mom, our kids and grandkids, my 4 siblings and their spouses, my niece and her two daughters at a nearby restaurant for a birthday dinner to celebrate my mom's 92nd birthday! A good time was had by all, especially my mama!

She's still a kid at heart! Look at her when I caught her swiping a bite of cake frosting! Oops!

Man, that frosting must be good!

Here's a picture of Mama with our son and our youngest grandbaby. His 3 older kids had to go to track practice, but they stopped by to wish Big Mama a very happy birthday.

Here's what I made for her birthday gift! I managed to finish this purse at straight up 3 p.m., just in time to get ready for the dinner!

I am so thankful to still have my mama alive and well at such a great age. She still lives in her home by herself, keeps her house neat and clean, works in her flower beds, and makes the cutest little stuffed bears and dolls, and baby quilts. I'll have to post some pictures of her sewing for you to see at another time!

Have a good night!


Joy said...

Happy birthday to big momma! What a blessing that she's healthy and still very independent. You made her a very lovely gift. I bet she enjoys it.

Thanks for the neighborhood tour of the beautiful homes, too.

bj said...

How blessed you are to have your sweet mom around. She is just beautiful and I can tell she is beautiful on the inside, too. Her smile makes me know she has a sweet spirit.
So glad you had such a good time at her birthday party.