Monday, September 15, 2008

Blue Monday!

I was reading over at BJ's Sweet Nothings about Blue Monday, and decided...what the heck! If I'm gonna be a blogger, I may as well join in the fun!

First, I had to go on a hunt for blue stuff in my house. Here is my "Blue Boy" picture, which I love, even though there are apparently millions of him out there! I also have "Pinky". When I was in 3rd grade, we did a little program at school, where the students in my class portrayed the people in famous portraits. I can remember my mother making my Pinky dress, and I had to stand very still, as the dress and the ribbons on my hat were pinned to the backdrop to simulate the breeze blowing them. My mother got these pictures with her Quality Stamps (remember those?), and I finally talked her into giving them to me a few years ago.
I also like blue transferware, and have one of my plates on display atop my china cabinet. There is also a little blue in the cookie jar pig's apron, as well as in the wallpaper. Please excuse the dust and the tarnish on my little copper pot. I have knee issues and haven't been able to get up there to clean. The wallpaper is also going to come down as soon as I can get to it and make up my mind what color to paint the walls!

Here's the last of the blues in my house...the blue mat on this little picture and the blue striped wallpaper in my bathroom. This is also going to come down soon, as well. It is time for some MASSIVE changes around here!

If you want to participate in Blue Monday, Sweet Sally has the information on her blog, which is also fun to read.


Smilingsal said...

Hi Peggy,
I'm so glad you joined in the fun! I love Pinky and Blue Boy.

Perhaps you should paint the walls a soft blue!

Happy Blue Monday!

bj said...

Hello, Peggy girl...thanks so much for stopping by today. I love doing Blue Monday and I have a lot of blue to share...mostly dishes, tho.
I adore your blue wallpaper...I know you are probably tired of it but I am such a fan of wallpaper. I don't have any, other than borders, because it is such a pain to take down. I have painted over it with much success, as long as the paper is in good condition.
I love all of your pretty blues and hope that you will do this with us each Monday. Oh, and Pink Saturday is a blast, too.
So glad to have found your pretty I need to go read a little more of it and get acquainted with you better.
Please come back to see me anytime...oh, and I LOVE Pinky and Blue Boy....
love, bj

Barbara H. said...

I love those pictures in the first photo!

Peggy said...

Thank y'all for stopping by! Sally, I'm going to paint the walls in my den a rich gold color. Most of my colors in my sofa are Navy, Gold, and Burgundy, and a brownish color similar to the walls...only I don't like the walls!

BJ, I still love that blue wallpaper in the bathroom, but it's been up for so long that it has developed issues, so it needs to come down.

Barbara, I love Pinky and Blue Boy, too! It took me FOREVER to talk Mama out of them! I finally got them when my sister bought her a new bedspread and curtains, and Mama decided that Pinky and Blue Boy didn't coordinate well enough with the new stuff.

Grandma Faith said...

Thanks for sharing your pretty blue treasures with us. I remember having Pinkie and Blue Boy in my bedroom when I was a young girl. I don't know what happened to them. Thanks for the memories.

Susan Hickam said...

I really enjoyed your blog- I like genealogy too, the pump/sink is cool and your mom is very crafty. When I was a little girl I had the blue boy picture and my older sister had the pink girl picture. Now I keep a little blue boy on my vanity. Happy Blue Monday.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

My mother had pictures of blue boy and pinky too! She got them as premiums at the grocery store. Love that blue plate!


Patty said...

My grandmother had those Pinky and Blue Boy pictures too and we still wonder what happened to them. I once saw the real Blue Boy at a museum in Pasadena and only recognized it thanks to my grandmom. :)