Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jax Meets Rascal

My son has started bringing his baby over to our house once a week for breakfast.

This morning, Jax met Rascal through the storm door. Please pay no attention to the mess outside. I have done almost NO gardening this year, and I notice that Rascal has dug up the flower beds beside the door yet AGAIN!!!

Jax: "DOG!"

Rascal: "Hey! That looks like a human...only LITTLE!"

Rascal: "Wonder if I can sniff him through that glass?"

Jax: "DOG!"

Rascal: "Hey, kid! Wanna come out and play?"

Jax: "Hmm...wonder if he'll let me ride him!"

Rascal: "Aw...c'mon kid! I just wanna be your friend!"

Jax: "I know what you're up to! You just want my binky!"

Rascal: "How many times to I have to bark it? C'mon out and play with me!"

Jax: "SHUP! (shut up!)"

Have a great day!


Cathy said...

That was cute, Peggy!

Anonymous said...

Too cute Peggy! Thanks for sharing. Christy

Greyscale Territory said...

What a magical series of pics! And I have to say it! I wonder if the dog was trying to sing the blues!

Peggy said...

Thank you! It was hilarious to watch them. I couldn't take pictures fast enough, so I missed some. Rascal was just barking, but it surely does look like he's singing the blues! Too bad for Rascal...he's too big, hyper, and rambunctious for Jax, so playing with Jax is going to have to wait a couple of years.